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White Summer

Listening to White Summer, this song is just meant to be sung by Keith St John. His classic-oriental-rock-kind of melodies make the song just perfect. The Kingdom Come / Led Zep feel is drippin' all over the place. It's hard to imagine that Keith would not have been on the song, if everything had happened as planned. Since Keith was working on some other songs in the middle of 2019, I approached other singers to do White Summer. It took quite a while to find out it did not work out as I had hoped for, so in October 2019 I more or less begged Keith to do White Summer, after he had finished his other tracks for me. 


The basics of White Summer were written during my 2018 summer holiday in Portugal, which was just a very creative period, working everyday on the porch of my apartment by the beach. 'From your mouth' comes from the same sessions, just like some tracks that will see the light of day in the future on a next album or so.


Initially the progress was pretty good, with Stéphan Forté doing the guitar solo's early 2019, emphasizing the oriental feel of the song in a great way. This was the last song of the album that was was finished in November 2020. To me this is one of the better tracks of the album!


Keith wrote the lyrics of 'White Summer', and it is about a boys realizations of his inner metamorphosis as manhood awakens factions of himself through his discovery of his fated bond with woman.  At the core of all the fire between man and woman (which is seemingly ritualized through "satan's" song)... lies the ultimate peace and the ultimate light.....the "White Summer"


Ron Coolen - White Summer (feat. Keith St. John & Stéphan Forté)

Lyrics & Vocals: Keith St John

Guitar Solo's: Stéphan Forté


Ancient maiden shakes the sky

Fires tremblin' in my heart

Satan’s angels fill her eyes

As she sheds my seeds of love


Sweet love is raining and you’re the animal in me

And baby I’m in your Blood


Naked under summer stars

As we pray to higher Gods

Serpent blinds me in the dark

Fever shakes my bones so hard

Flames unlock my silent words

When she takes the sacred ring

Her painted eyes they shake the mountains

Oh I wanna give her everything


Sweet love is raining and you’re the Animal in me

Sweet sugar I’m in your blood

And the lightning shakes


White glitter fills my eyes

I can feel the thunder shake and hear the angels cry

White Summer so alive

Baby you stole my eyes

Guitar solo: Stéphan Forté


Timeless maiden’s siren song

Spells my fate and never fades

Push the night and winters gone

I feel my achin' senses call her name

White summer’s pourin' like the rain

Oh I feel it rainin' rainin' rainin'

You’ll always be the Animal in me

Yeah sweet love is flowin' like the sea

Guitar solo: Stéphan Forté

I’m in your Blood, I’m in your Blood

White glitter white rain

It’s a White Summer again


Music: Ron Coolen

Lyrics: Keith St John

Vocals: Keith St John

Guitar Solo's: Stéphan Forté

Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards: Ron Coolen

Ron Coolen - White Summer (feat. Keith St. John & Stéphan Forté)
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