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Johannes Persson

Solo artist

Instagram: johannesperssonmusic

Facebook: johannes.persson.52

Johannes is featured on the song:

- Too late to Surrender

Johannes Persson Ron Coolen Rise

Nowadays YouTube is flooded by an huge number of guitarists that all have incredible skills. They all have learned from video tutorials instead of spending years in rehearsal rooms. Not good, not bad, just different. However, many of these guys have incredible technique, but little feel. At least, to me. 


And then there was Johannes Persson. In 2018 I read a post on facebook that Johannes Persson won the Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition 2018 in the 'Rock Guitar' category. When I did some research on Johannes I was just flabbergasted by this young dude, what a technique, tone and feel. What an incredible talent, so different from the thousands of other players. It really touched me, and I just had to get him for my album.

This is one of Johannes' videos that just blew me away. I was heavily impressed by the feel, the melody and control of such a young guy.

That same young dude that plays Guthrie Govan's stuff without blinking his eyes. Incredible, I am sure Johannes has the potential to become one of the world's best guitarists. 

I am so grateful Johannes did the solo for 'Too late to surrender', the song that has Keith St. John on lead vocals. Johannes did a really great job and I think he laid down one of the best solo's of the album. To me Johannes is probably the biggest surprise on RISE !

In the video on the left you see the part that got me going for Johannes, the tone, feel and technique is just amazing!

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