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Bust me Out

'Bust me Out' is my personal tribute to Malcolm Young, the best rhythm guitarist that ever lived. The complexity of his style lies in its simplicity, and vice versa. Malcolm has written so many legendary riffs which will be remembered by mankind for many next generations. I've always had a preference for 'the underdog' and Malcolm has more or less always been in the shadow of his little brother Angus. Malcolm has always been a bit underestimated, but the people who acknowledge his talents know much better.

The initial idea of 'Bust me Out' was written during the recording process of 'Rise' but saved for the next album. It has a bit of an AC/DC flavor of course, but not too much. It's not meant to be an AC/DC style song.


Keith and I finished the song in the early stages of the writing process for 'Here to Stay', and this was the first song that Timo Somers played his solos on. Timo laid down some spectacular shred, and fights a wild battle with Keith at the very end!



Hey come on


What’s all these rules that I don’t need?

Shuttin’ me down

Up in the sky and out in the streets

No Party Town


Newsman says the whole world’s shakin’

And time will tell

Newsman said you gotta lock up your life

And sit in hell


I need to Bust me Out

And crush these chains

Gotta Bust me Out

Before I go insane

Somebody Bust me Out


Can’t drink at the bar or shake your hand

I got no life

Across the seas, across the land

It’s like a knife


The Government says no more rockin’

The thunder’s dead

The Government says there’s one more coffin

To fill your head


I need to Bust me Out

And crush these chains

Gotta Bust me Out

Before I go insane

Somebody Bust me Out


What they tryin’ to hand me

Too much overkill

Too many rules, too many fools

With a big fat stack of bills

Come on baby, Bust me Out a’ here

Take me to a better place and time girl

Close your eyes let’s turn out the lights

I need to Bust me Out

Somebody Bust me Out

Come on little honey, let’s turn out the lights

Cause I need it tonight

Don’t wanna go insane

So let’s make it rain

Come on and take me down to the river of love

It’s time to Bust me Out

Turn out the lights

Come on baby let the good times roll right now


Music: Ron Coolen

Lyrics: Keith St. John

Vocals: Keith St. John

Guitar Solos: Timo Somers

Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums: Ron Coolen

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