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Big devil data

The song Big Devil Data was the first song I ever wrote. The riff was inspired by George Lynch, whom I have admired for so many years.

Like good wine, the song developed over a couple of years to what it is now. 

The basics for the lyrics was written by Francoise Vaal, and finalized by Keith St John. The lyrics deal with a very dangerous development of the modern world. As the title says 'Big Data'. A buzzword everybody has heard of, but no one has an idea of what it really means. Large corporates and governments really know everything from everyone, nothing remains unseen or unnoticed and privacy is completely gone. All enabled by modern technology of smartphones, ipads, apps,  fiber and 5G broadband internet; billions of people are actually co-operating in pro-actively destroying their privacy. People don't know about it and don't care, but the effects will be huge in the future.

The opening riff on the album is the exact recording of the very first serious riff I recorded in Garageband, and, although it sounds a bit messy, I just wanted to put it on the record for symbolic reasons. This is where the whole album started.

The whole concept of the above was translated into a beautiful cover design of the single. This was done by the great Brazilian graphic designer Gustavo Sazes, who has worked with many artists, like Gus G., Arch Enemy, Kamelot, Joey Concepcion and many many more. You can see Gustavo's portfolio here

Big Devil Data Cover.jpg

Lyrics: Keith St John, Francoise Vaal

Vocals: Keith St John

Guitar Solo's: Thorsten Koehne

Big Devil Data

Intro Guitar Solo: Thorsten Koehne


Your whole world comes to me

Your mind is inside of me

And someday you wanna break free

But there’s no way to hide


Cause I’m the secret spy inside your brain

I’m the only one allows you pleasure and pain

Everything you want everything you need

Just another come on from the demon seed


Ooh - I give you what you want

Ooh - and I know everything about you


Big Devil Data is always running the show

Big Devil Data knows everywhere you go

Big Devil Data feeding your one track mind

The devil’s inside this dream that you ride

Fucking with humankind


Your secret screens hypnotize

Everywhere the pressure lies

But you’ll never ever realize

That I can see right through ya

Cause I can hack your life anytime anywhere

I’m the one who knows all the darkness you dare

Everything you want everything you need

Just another puppet for the demon seed

Ooh - You’ll always be my slave

Ooh - I’ll be here long after your grave



Guitar solo: Thorsten Koehne


Chorus out


Music: Ron Coolen

Lyrics: Keith St John, Francoise Vaal

Vocals: Keith St John

Guitar Solo: Thorsten Koehne

Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards: Ron Coolen

Big Devil Data Cover.jpg
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