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Ron Coolen


Favorite bands

Favorite guitarists

Favorite singers

Favorite drummers

Favorite bass players

Favorite albums

Favorite songs

Favorite guitar solo

Best gig ever witnessed


Worst gig ever witnessed

Music Gear


Razor, Just Whistle, Obath-X, Order2Crash, Steel Digger, Mrs. Crowley, AC/DShe

AC/DC, Van Halen, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy

Malcolm Young, Eddie van Halen, Jason Becker, Vinnie Moore, George Lynch, Christopher Amott, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Lukather, Gus G., Doug Aldrich, John Sykes, Stéphan Forté, Eric Steckel

Simon Phillips, Chris Adler, Phil Rudd, Ray Luzier

Bon Scott, Randy Blythe, Myles Kennedy, Keith St John


Cliff Williams, Franck Hermanny, John Gallagher

AC/DC - If you want blood,

UFO - Strangers in the Night,

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn,

Arch Enemy - Tyrants of the Rising Sun,

Thin Lizzy - Thunder & Lightning,

Van Halen - Women & Children First 

Lamb of God - Killadelphia

Riot - Fire Down Under

Raven - Wiped Out

Burning Rain - Out in the cold again,

AC/DC - Bad Boy Boogie,

Riot  - Fire Down Under

Eddie van Halen - Eruption

John Sykes - Thunder & Lightning

George Lynch - Without warning/Tooth & Nail

Yngwie Malmsteen - Black Star

Michael Schenker - Rock Bottom (live)

Van Halen - Monsters of Rock Karlsruhe (D) 1984 

Steve Lukather & Los Lobotomys - Vredenburg Utrecht (NL) 1994

Iron Maiden - Genk (B) 1982

Marilyn Manson - 013 Tilburg (NL) 2012

Jason Becker is the biggest inspirator of all times. His musicianship and potential was phenomenal until it all ended as he was diagnosed with ALS back in 1991. Despite this horrible fate, Jason remained incredibly positive and inspired hundreds of thousands of musicians to do the impossible.

GUITAR: Gibson, Charvel, Gretsch, Epiphone, Yamaha guitars; EVH and Bugera amps; TC Electronics, MXR, Boss, Koch effect pedals; Shure wireless; Elixer strings;  Jim Dunlop picks

DRUMS: Sonor drums, Sabian cymbals, DW Pedals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Evans heads



Releasing my own album has been a dream I have had for almost my whole life. In the end it comes down to just do it. If you want something, you can do it. And if I can do it, YOU can do it! Live your dream !


Ron Coolen Drums AC/DShe Effenaar Eindhoven
Ron Coolen AC/DShe The Gonz Gouda
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