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Hans Pieters

Production & Mastering

Web: The People's Noise

Facebook: HansWMPieters

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Hans Pieters is a Dutch producer, recording engineer, mastering engineer, mixer and engineer who worked at Excess Studios, Rotterdam from 1992- 2012.
Hans works as a producer, engineer and audio consultant and has his own mixing/mastering room called "The People's Noise", located in Capelle aan den IJssel near Rotterdam (NL).

Hans has worked with many bands and artists, to name but a few: After Forever, Epica, Elegy, Thanatos and Helloïse. You can find his complete portfolio at Discogs. I am proud that RISE is now added to this list of achievements.

In January 2019 I got in touch with Hans through a mutual friend, and from there we started a close cooperation. My project was moving towards production at the time and Hans helped me to get things going. Hans is very knowledgeable, service minded, helpful and extremely patient with my comments and suggestions that never ended. Hans made a coherent piece of the Rise album, that has many contributions of guest musicians and diverse styles of music. We worked mostly "on distance", in our own studios and time windows, sharing the audio via Google Drive. Modern methods that worked well for us old farts.

If you ever need any help with anything that is audio related, then give Hans a call, he is one of the best in the business. 
Without Hans the Rise album would have never seen the light of day. Thank you so much Hans!


Contact Hans Pieters:

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