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Göran Edman

Yngwie Malmsteen, Madison, John Norum, Brazen Abbot, Street Talk

Instagram: goranedmanofficial

Facebook: goranedman

Göran is featured on the song:

- Selfishness

Göran Edman Ron Coolen Rise

Göran Edman is notable for his session work with many artists through the years but mainly for his early work with guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.


He has also recorded with bands and artists such as Vindictiv, Brazen AbbotJohn Norum, Madison, Karmakanic, Street Talk, Kharma, Crossfade, Signum Regis and Richard Andersson among others. 

Here's a video of Göran Edman of the song Dragonfly from his Yngwie Malmsteen days

I have always admired Yngwie Malmsteen from the day the garage demo he recorded as a 15 year old got some airplay on Dutch underground rock radio in the early 80's.
I bought all of Yngwie's albums and was amazed by all the great singers he had on his albums, like Graham Bonnet, JS Soto, Joe Lynn Turner and Mark Boals.

So when in 1990 another album was released with another singer, I knew that this guy had to be extremely good too. I heard some of his earlier stuff in Madison, and was not surprised Göran Edman did a fantastic job on "Eclipse", and then again on "Fire and Ice". These albums are among the best in Yngwie's discopgraphy, yet I think these album are a bit underrated and not appreciated as much as they should be. The music scene was changing to grunge and that was probably an important factor for this.

After his time in Yngwie Malmsteen's band  I lost a bit track of Göran, since he became more of a session musician and not a permanent member in a band. He did so many projects that it was impossible to keep track of all his activities. But his endless CV is so impressive.

After I finished the "Selfishness" song in June 2019 I knew Göran was the one I wanted to sing on this one. The song required a classic voice that could sing high and low, soft and loud, and quite a lot of harmonies. With the help of facebook we got in touch and Göran got the job done quite quickly in a professional way with high quality standards. He just did an amazing job! Having Göran an my album makes me so proud!

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