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'Firebird' is probably the most epic song Keith and I ever wrote, and was THE song that was a turning point in our co-operation.

In the months after 'Rise', during Covid, I wrote the music for 'Firebird'. Initially, my idea was to ask a more metal-oriented singer for this song. But since I had already done a few new songs with Keith at the time, I thought: 'let's see if Keith can sing metal. He's never done that, but who knows it'll work out'.

And guess what, the result was amazing! Challenged out of his well-known comfort zone, Keith outperformed himself. The hammering vocals right on the double bass groove in the chorus, combined with the Led Zeppelinisque vocal lines in the verses, made it an intense song.


After we did 'Firebird' Keith and I organically started co-writing instead of working on a 'hired-gun' basis. It was also the moment I decided to work with only 1 singer on 'Here to Stay' instead of continuing the concept I had on 'Rise', where I was working with multiple singers. 




Take the hole in your heart

and feed your serpent’s red eyes

You wanna unbreak your wings

And rage inside your dirty destiny tonight


Fools games, cold chains

Fate’s got your back to the wall

Hellstorm promises torn

Dyin’ when everything falls

But listen close

Cause your mind’s still drivin’ home


Your memories drownin’ deep

Forsaken their God

Fallen angels, and witched dance into your fire tonight


Fools games, cold chains

Tearing your soul from within

Hellstorm promises torn

Feeling your darkness begin

But listen close

Cause your mind’s still drivin’ home

Still drives you home


Take the hole in your heart

And bleed your love from this life

You wanna spread your new wings

And fly up like a red hot firebird tonight


Guitar Solo: Gus G.


Rise up and fly





Music: Ron Coolen

Lyrics: Keith St John

Vocals: Keith St John

Guitar Solos: Gus G.

Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion: Ron Coolen

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