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Kill Kill Kill

Lyrics & Vocals: Sam Walters

Guitar Solo's: Joey Concepcion, Christopher Amott

From the day in 1983 Metallica made their first and last really good album, I love the Bay Area Thrash movement with bands like Slayer, Exodus, Testament and Death Angel. Later, in the new millennium I added Arch Enemy and Lamb of God to my list of favorite thrash metal bands, and they still are until today. 

Through the years I collected some thrash oriented riffs and some of them ended up in the "Kill Kill Kill" song. I was so lucky to get the offer from Christopher Amott to guest on this one. His skills are just unbelievable! Chris sent his solo by e-mail in the middle of the night, and I was blown away, yet immediately regretted I did not extend his spot. But luckily Chris was willing to record a longer version within a day, which is now the album version.

Chris suggested Sam Walters as a singer and Sam was very willing to cooperate. Sam wrote the lyrics and the melodies and recorded his parts in New York City. The great thing of Sam is the variety of his singing, from clean to grunt, from high to low and from dark to scream. Which is exactly what I searched for in this song.

After the basics were recorded I was lucky to get Joey Concepcion for some additional solo-ing including some very deep dive bombs.

The screams in the beginning are by Sam Walters and my good friend and bandmate Paul Haullussy, who once screamed the "Stand up and Shout"-yell from the "Rock Star" movie, which I recorded on my iPhone by accident. This one is you hear under Sam's opening yell. Immediately after, you hear some screams by John Gallagher of Raven. Initially recorded for another song, but in the end I puzzled them into this song.

The guitar riffing of Kill Kill Kill was one of the hardest parts to record, especially the fast pieces were difficult to play tight while it felt as if my arm was about to fall off. 

Kill Kill Kill 

Intro Guitar solo: Joey Concepcion 


Prowling, Electric in the hills

A young lion, Stir the still

Now coiled up, Each muscle like a drill

Torqued up lions, Ready, shred, kill

No flight to stay alive

Four hammers hit

Swung hard as sins

Run, you’ll run out your life

You’d best turn

Put ‘em up

And swing

And now you’re in it

You ripped off your skin

And now you’re grinning

Sweating out with kin

And now you’re roaring

You’re not just some thing

Devolved, a predating king


Watch speeding lions

Burning up the planes

Watch speeding lions

White hot searing manes

Watch speeding lions

Drink their bloody fill

Watch speeding lions

Kill kill kill

Watch speeding lions

See ‘em closing fast

Watch speeding lions

Blowing past a crash

Watch speeding lions

Lock in on the hill

Watch speeding lions

Kill kill kill kill

Raise up the killed

Fresh bones, Sinews, scraped of hate

Unbound lions, Bar the gates

Young blood, Should feel they’re lucky prey

Saber teeth, Point the way

Torn up, You’re inside out

The guts spilled were screaming to shout

The dead, Make to escape

Grey shadows are all they can shape

We summon Iron Fist

To pummel your neck

With sparking axes

We cut out your breath

Devastated, but you’re threatening war

Death-sure, we lean in for more



Guitar Solo: Christopher Amott


End Guitar Solo: Joey Concepcion



Music: Ron Coolen

Lyrics: Sam Walters

Vocals: Sam Walters

Guitar Solo's: Joey Concepcion, Christopher Amott

Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums: Ron Coolen

Screams: Paul Haullussy, Sam Walters, John Gallagher

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