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Thorsten Koehne

Eden's Curse, Code of Perfection


Facebook: thorsten.koehne.5

Thorsten is featured on the song:

- Big Devil Data

Thorsten Koehne Ron Coolen Rise

Thorsten's first major break through came in 1995 with his first worldwide released album as guitar player with Attack with the album “The Secret Place”.
Since then he has acquired a vast amount of studio and live experience with countless appearances with national and international artists, and secured an endorsement deal with Dean Guitars. 

In 2001 Thorsten joined  Demon Drive and released two albums - "Rock´n Roll Star" in 2001 and "Four Play" in 2003.

2005 saw Thorsten form his own solo band Code of Perfection and released debut album “Last Exit For The Lost”. The album received fantastic reviews with the press heralding it a “great return to the heydays of Instrumental Metal ” and Thorsten as “one of the best guitarists of our days”.


In 2006 Thorsten joined international supergroup Eden's Curse, recording several albums, years later in 2019 Eden's Curse announced the end of the band, opening up new career opportunities for Thorsten.

Apart from Eden's Curse Thorsten has always been busy live and in the studio working with international artists, like Joe Lynn Turner, Hardline, Danny Vera, Paul Sabu and Wolfpakk.


Thorsten won the "Guitarist Of The Year" award by world prestigious website Melodic  both in 2007 and 2013.



Thorsten Koehne and I go a way back, to the years of 2009 and 2010 when I was doing the Jason Becker Charity and ending up having a radio show, we got in touch. We helped each other in promoting music and getting good content for the radio show. 

The nice, strange and interesting thing about Thorsten's playing is that he plays left-handed with his guitar upside down, so playing left on a right handed-stringed guitar. This is how he started to learn guitar at the age of 11. It is in contradiction with every guitar-playing logic, yet his playing is unbelievable!

Although Thorsten has played in Eden's Curse for many years, a respectable band that made many great records, I think that he has always been a bit under rated. Just listen to his "Code of Perfection" album and you know what I mean. His skills and feel for melody are unique.

Thorsten plays the solo in "Big Devil Data" and it has become a killer solo combining speed with great melodies.

In the video you can see Thorsten's extra ordinary technique of guitar playing

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