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The song Selfishness started on the acoustic guitar. At the time of writing I listened a lot to Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge, and if you listen well, you can hear some influences from Creed's song 'Faceless Man' in the softer guitar parts. 

I glued this together with the drum parts that I had already written separately and it worked out pretty good. 

Since it is a dramatic song that requires a substantial vocal range I knew I had to find a world class singer. I had admired Göran Edman ever since I first heard him in Madison, and later Yngwie Malmsteen, so I just gave it a try. And he did it! Incredible job, amazing singing on this song. 

In 2017-2018 I spent significant time in India for business purposes, and I was heavily impressed by the country, culture, music and it's people. So when finalizing the song I added some Indian instruments to the song and i think that worked out pretty well.

In the finalizing stages, when the song was already in the mixing process, I asked Joey Concepcion to play the guitar solo. He replaced my own guitar solo that I had worked on for quite a while, but I had to admit the song deserved the best solo possible, and that was Joey's, without a doubt.

Vocals: Göran Edman

Guitar Solo: Joey Concepcion


You’re standing there, by yourself, worries on your mind 

Just waiting there, thru' the night, trying to unwind 

I can feel your pain, deep in my soul, it’s time, I know 


What you felt is my desire, yeah 

What you saw is not who I am, today 

You are the crown on my creation, that’s right 

Don’t run away, you are mine tonight 


I see your eyes, I see them shine, afraid somehow 

And I hear your heart, beating loud, I am the owner now 

I took your life into my hands, oh yeah 

And I’ve defied the proper care, yes I have 

So don’t resist, cause I’ll decide for you, this time 

Within my reach, now say goodbye 

O, can you feel the force,

Within my selfishness, within my righteousness 

Oh yeah within my selfishness 

Yeah within my righteousness


Guitar Solo: Joey Concepcion

Keyboard Solo: Ron Coolen 

Oh, can you feel the force, I took the core of you 

Within my selfishness, within my righteousness 

Within my selfishness

It’s all I can, it’s all I live for, can’t you see? 

Within my righteousness

Within my selfishness


All I ever did, decide for you, where you should end 

Watch me peel your skin, I love its smell, oh I know it well

All I need to do, yes I am allowed

Is to wear you now, your hide’s so fine, now it’s mine


Music: Ron Coolen

Lyrics: Francoise Vaal

Vocals: Göran Edman

Guitar Solo: Joey Concepcion

Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards: Ron Coolen

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