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Daniël Verberk

Physical Graffiti

Facebook: danielverberk

Daniël is featured on the song:

- Paradise

Daniel Verberk Ron Coolen Rise

Years ago I was introduced to Daniël Verberk by my old school- and bandmate Andrew Elt. Both Andrew and Daniël play in Europe's very best Led Zeppelin tribute band "Physical Graffiti". These guys are just simply as good as the real Led Zeppelin, so close to perfection.

Daniël is more Jimmy Page than Jimmy Page ever was, using the exact same collection of guitars, amps and effects.

But Daniël is also an extraordinary player of original music. When I finished the song “Paradise” I realized it needed the blues, the feel and the tone that only Daniël can deliver. He understands the unique art of playing off-timing and making it sound like the perfect timing, and this lifted “Paradise” to another level. The song is about the devastating fires that completely destroyed the city of Paradise in California in 2018, and Daniëls emotional playing is a perfect fit with the topic of the song. And of course Daniël's playing combines in an awesome way with with the classic vocal lines of Keith St. John.


I love it when guest musicians put in more than they were asked to do. Daniël added some great slide guitar to the song, just because he thought that was good for the song. And it is these additions that can be the difference between a good and an awesome song. 

The cool thing is that Daniël is such a modest and down to earth guy, as if he does not realize how incredibly good he really is.

I am extremely grateful for Daniëls contribution to the RISE album

In the video on the left you see Daniëls extreme blues skills, while playing with his band Physical Graffiti

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