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Timo Somers

Supersonic Revolution, Ayreon, Delain, Solo Artist

Timo is featured on the songs:

- Bust me Out

- Mr. Jones

- Jaded Eyes

Timo Somers is playing as a guest musician on Ron Coolen's Here to Stay album

Timo Somers (born 15 December 1991) is a Dutch guitar player, songwriter, producer and singer. He is known a.o as the founder of Tri-Head and member of symphonic metalband Delain, legendary rockband Vengeance, Hardt, Arrow Haze and recently Supersonic Revolution and Ayreon.

Timo started exploring the world of guitar on his own, without any lessons or whatsoever when he was 12.

Timo joined Vengeance when he was 17. His father Jan has played in Vengeance for many years and they both played in Vengeance for a while.  In 2011 Vengeance recorded the album Crystal Eye in name of his late father. Timo appears on 2 songs: Crystal Eye and Promise me. In 2013 he co-produced and played all guitars on their album: Piece of Cake.

At the age of 18 Timo started studying at the Rockacademie, which he quit a year later because he joined dutch symphonic metalband Delain. He toured the whole world many times and left the band in 2020.  Timo is also a very well sought after session player/producer, playing on different recording projects all over the world, playing live with his own projects, doing clinics and always producing new songs, whether it be for himself or for others.

More recently Timo joined Arjen Lucassens's band/project Supersonic Revolution and recorded a very well received album. And Timo also played in Ayreon live shows in September '23, selling out the famous 013 venue in Tilburg (NL) for 6 shows.

The first time I got to know Timo was at the 2011 Jason Becker Not Dead Yet festival. I was part of the organization and witnessed the days prior to the festival when all the participating musicians joined in Hilversum (NL) for rehearsals. And there was this young dude Timo Somers between legends like Guthrie Govan, Michael Lee Firkins, Mattias Eklundh, Andy James and tens of others. For me Timo was THE big surprise of that festival. He was a young, aggressive and untamed player with massive potential. He stood there between all these great names and took the stage! 

It was the early days of what I call the YouTube generation of players. Guitarists that learn from YT tutorials and become better than the original. But Timo is different: he has feel, he has blues, he has funk, he has groove, he is creative, he is explosive, he can play 10 finger tapping, but also knows how to use a pick. A unique combination of skills for such a young guy.

But this side of Timo was hardly known by anyone at the time, since most people knew Timo from Delain, which requires him to play mainly power chords without solos.

I kept track of Timo's career throughout the years, and when I was working on 'Rise' I tried to tick him off my wishlist, but he was too busy touring the world with Delain. Like with Gus G., Covid was very helpful for me since suddenly Timo had all the time in the world. And luckily he was willing to play on 3 songs on the 'Here to Stay' album. 

In the demo days of 'Jaded Eyes' Timo recorded this cool video of him playing the main solo in the song.

I'm convinced Timo is embarking on an impressive career as a musician, his talent is undisputed and I'm sure he will be a BIG name in the industry.

Watch a video of Timo at the 2011 Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Festival

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