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Chris Clancy

Mutiny Within, Wearing Scars


Instagram: chrisclancyproducer

Facebook: iamchrisclancy/

Chris is featured on the songs:

- Stories

- From your Mouth

Chris Clancy Ron Coolen Rise

Before turning his talents permanently towards the production and mixing side of the music industry, Blackpool, England native Chris Clancy was widely known as the vocalist for ‘Mutiny Within’ (Roadrunner Records) and more recently ‘Wearing Scars.


Working primarily in rock and metal with an array of incredibly talented musicians and bands across the globe, Chris has made a name for himself as a performer, songwriter, producer and mixing engineer. Chris works closely to world known producers Andy Sneap and Colin Richardson.


As a vocalist who has been trained by the world-famous Melissa Cross - vocal production is one of his standout skills, alongside arranging and song writing. Chris is also an accomplished pianist, who is comfortable both in contributing traditional piano performances as well as modern keyboard and synthesizer sounds.

After having finished writing and recording the musical parts for "Stories" and "From your Mouth" I got a bit worried, since, unlike all the other songs, I had no clue whatsoever as to what kind of vocals would fit the songs. It could be clean, grunting and I was even thinking about metal-rap kind of vocals like Mike Patton or Clawfinger's Zakk Tell.

And then there was Chris Clancy. I came across Chris when searching on YouTube for singers. There was this video of Chris where he was singing "Walk with me in Hell" from Lamb of God, one of my favorite bands. A very impressive video, recorded with a sleepy head in some sort of closet so I thought that would give me at least the opportunity of getting some serious true metal-singing on my album!

I contacted Chris, he liked the songs and hated my idea of maybe giving it a Mike Patton-edge. Within a few hours he sent some rough ideas, and that was more than convincing. We agreed on full creative freedom for whatever vocals he thought would fit best, since I had no idea myself anyway. And look what he came up with, fantastic vocals with a lot of variation. Chris brings the brutal element into RISE, and since I love bands like Lamb of God and Arch Enemy it made sense to have some brutality on the record. It took him just a few days to write and record, extremely professional working with Chris! 

Here's the video of Chris singing Lamb of God from his closet, and made me want to have him on the album!

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