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Aardschok (NL) 8/10 (#2 album of the month)

De Muziekplank (NL) (album of the week)

Esther's Rock Blog (NL) 8/10

Ever Metal (UK) 7,5/10

Fireworks Magazine (UK) see Print

Flight of Pegasus (GR)

Gitarist (NL) see Print

Headbangers Lifestyle (NL)

Hellspawn (B) 89/100

Let it Rock ( Can) 4,3/5

Luminous Dash (B)

Maxazine (NL) 8/10

Metal It (I) 8,5/10

Metallus.IT (I)

Powerplay Magazine (UK) 8/10 - see Print

Rock Hard Italy Magazine (I) 8,5/10 - see Print

Rock-IT Magazine (D) 8/10 - see Print

Rock 'n Force (FR)

Rockportaal (NL) 

Rock Tribune (B) 8/10

Sentinel Daily (AUS)

Skylight (GR) (Firebird song review)

Sweden Rock Magazine (S) see Print


Radio shows


Aardschok (NL) see Print

Breathing the Core (USA)

Chaotic Riffs TV (USA) (video interview)


Fireworks Magazine (UK) see Print

Poisoned Rock (IT) (video interview)

Powerplay Magazine (UK) see Print

Rock Hard Italy Magazine (I) see Print

Sweden Rock Magazine (S) see Print

The Plowzone (USA) (video interview Keith St John)



“Damn! This is one of those tracks people would inject into their ears before some competitive event” - Content Chimp on ‘Heavy Metal Till I’m Dead’


“And BOOM!!  ‘Heavy Metal Till I’m Dead’ just became the anthem of 2023” - Metal Asylum


“Hey! This sounds so good! I loved this heavy metal with great production, performance, riffs, everything!” - Theocide Records


“Wow!! This song already starts totally on fire!! High energy, insane vocals and guitars, with a catchy lyric! I didn't know the band, but after this song, I will for sure listen to your full work” - Canal Bloody Mary

“Very good track here, the riffs are HEAVY ! great energy and a great voice, HELLYEAH” - Managarm Productions


“Congratulations Ron for this impressive work! An absolute gem of a rock track that radiates good vibes. The seamless fusion of instruments and vocals spreads a contagious enthusiasm that's hard to resist” - Rock Al Palo on ’Shake me to the Floor

Radio shows

RISE - In the Media

Album reviews

The Ü (Singapore)

The Metal Gods Meltdown (UK) - 8,5/10

Counter Culture (Netherlands) (Germany) - 8/10 (Germany) - 11/15

Aardschok Magazine (Netherlands) - 80/100 and shared#3 place in March 2020 new album Chart

White Room Reviews (Netherlands)

MPodia (Netherlands) - 8/10

Rockportaal (Netherlands) (Germany) - 7,5/10

Headbangers Lifestyle (Netherlands)

Snoozecontrol (Belgium)

Arrow Lords of Metal (Netherlands) - 8/10

Metalbrothers (Spain) - 6,5/10

The Median Man (UK)

Rockmuzine (Netherlands) - 90/100

Rozsdagyar (Hungary) - 8,5/10

Maxazine (Netherlands) - 8/10

Esther's Rock Blog (Netherlands) - 78/100

Road to Metal (Brasil)

Rock-it Magazine (Germany) - 8/10

Rock Tribune (Belgium) - 8/10

Wings of Death (Netherlands)

AMMO (Austria) - 10/10

Ron Brouwer (Netherlands)

Noizy (Greece)

Metal Centre (Poland) - 9/10

Rockfeind (Scotland)

Metal Coffee Grinder (USA)

Powerplay Magazine (UK) - 8/10

Rockerhead (UK)

Metalliville Zine (UK) - 8/10

Zware Metalen (NL) - 80/100

Luminous Dash (BE)

Odayrox (UK)

Loud Enough Magazine (UK)

Blast Magazine (USA)

ProgressiveMind (IT)



Leon Verdonschot spreekt in zijn podcast Oeverloos met Ron Coolen over zijn nieuwe album Rise



"Coolen has done a great job in the song writing, playing and assembling of talent, and the production is good throughout" (Powerplay Magazine - UK)


"What a banger this album is! Abso-damn-lute stellar. This album is a serious project, with good measures of sleaze, naughtiness, pain and death, all kinds of emotions. Every song has its elements. It's own life and message. I had an absolute blast listening to these. Definitely one the best releases this year. this album is a helluva frickin BEAST!!" (A. Xandr Layne - USA)

"Favorite track after my first listen is "Stories" for sure. The last couple minutes is some of the hardest hitting music I've heard in a while"  (Jesse Denner - USA)


"Definitely one of the best heavy metal releases of the last years"  (AMMO - Austria)

"All tracks are of the highest level and the passion for music can be heard in every note"  (Rockmuzine - Netherlands)


 "56 minutes of Arena Rock !"  (Ron Brouwer - Netherlands)


"Now, Ron has gone ahead to release his debut solo album RISE, and it is safe to say that hard rock has gained a star" (The Ü - Singapore)

"Accompanied by these big names, Ron Coolen risks being cast in their shadows. But all of RISE lays that unnecessary worry to eternal rest" (The Ü - Singapore)

"I love “White Summer” this is a total eargasm as St. John and cohorts bring Led  Zep inspired riffs and soul to the room, this is immense as St. John shows off those Bluesy Vocals to great effect this is sublime and has you drooling for the sweet sugar and warm balmy nights as this song winds and twists itself into you with fine work from Stéphan Forté making his Guitar sing, this is without doubt my favorite track on here"  (The Metal Gods Meltdown - UK)

"St Johns feelings and passion shine out in the song called Paradise" (The Metal Gods Meltdown - UK)

"The thrash tastic “Kill Kill Kill” decimates your brain cells this is fast, furious and face smashingly superb a track many a Band from the Bay area would be proud to have in their repertoire" (The Metal Gods Meltdown - UK)

"I really love the depth and detail that has gone into this opus, I really hope this twelve-track debut gets the recognition it rightly deserves" (The Metal Gods Meltdown - UK)

If it wasn't for the bright and modern production, one would think this is a classic album from the 80's (Counter Culture - Netherlands)

A beautiful initiative, and I sincerely hope this extraordinary album will make great sales !  (Counter Culture - Netherlands)

All Songs are at a good quality level and there are so many great guitar solo's. This is perfect for the fans of 80's bands like GREAT WHITE, HURRICANE and DOKKEN - ( - Germany)

All songs are very accessible, the guy has a very good feeling for song writing and a professional way of working.  (MyRevelations - Germany)

The song Kill Kill Kill sounds like the love baby of Manowar and Annihilator (Aardschok - Netherlands)

What Coolen has achieved is incredibly good; the songs, the choice of guest musicians, the website, this music is just filled with passion (Aardschok - Netherlands)

It is good that there are people that understand they should fulfill their dreams and not postpone them (White Room Reviews - Netherlands) 

The album is very well done in terms of composing, musicianship and production – but with a bit of an undefined target group. It locates somewhere in between KINGDOM COME, CONSORTIUM PROJECT and TESTAMENT. Sounds weird? It is weird! And certainly needs some openness by the listener but it’s an interesting and exciting release ( - Germany)

Ron himself says about this album: “I have lived my dream in creating this album, I have given everything I have.” We add: “Hats off, very well done!”   ( - Germany)

On the following ,,White Summer” Coolen reveals to inflict St. John to belt his most impressive deliverance in years. The ,,Kashmir” evoking song switches between the Zep-esque tinged middle eastern scales and impressive progressive patterns with Coolen laying down some insane groundworks. Solid as a drum computer almost he hammers the track solid and immediately delivers one of the highlights and better songs of this year  (Headbangers Lifestyle - Netherlands)

The prog metal track ,,Stories” that leans more towards Dream Theater and sees Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within, Wearing Scars) at the helm shouting it with great panache matching the song’s prog outbursts. Pitch perfect are the intense keyboard swirls and its guitar solos from Joey Concepcion (Armageddon, Sanctuary, a.o.) and Stéphan Forté (Adagio) - (Headbangers Lifestyle - Netherlands)

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