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Steve Lamb

Tygers of Pan Tang

Facebook: stevelamb

Steve is featured on the songs:

- Gotta shoot your devils down

- From your mouth

Steve Lamb Ron Coolen Rise

Tygers of Pan Tang are a heavy metal band, part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. They  were first signed by local independent label Neat Records before MCA gave them a major record deal.


After several albums and different line-ups, in 1985, Jon Deverill and Brian Dick reformed the band with Steve Lamb (formerly of Sergeant) on guitar, Neil Sheppard on guitar, and Clin Irwin on bass, later replced by Dave Donaldson. Meanwhile, original members Robb Weir and Jess Cox formed the spin-off band Tyger-Tyger.

The reformed Tygers of Pan Tang released The Wreck-Age in summer 1985 through Music for Nations, and Burning in the Shade in 1987, through Zebra Records. Unfortunately 'Burning in the Shade' received poor reviews and they disbanded again.

Tygers of Pan Tang was one hell of a great band in the NWOBHM period. The 'Spellbound' album is still among my favorite albums of all time. And seeing them play their first gig ever on the European mainland at the Parkpop Festival in The Hague in 1980 was an amazing experience as a 15 year old. John Sykes was unbelievable that day.


Unfortunately the band got in some identity crisis after that. The 'Crazy Nights' album had a horrible sound, and 'The Cage' had terrible songs. And in between John Sykes had left to join Thin Lizzy, so these were awful times being Tygers of Pan Tang fan.


But then there was Steve Lamb! First time I heard Steve play was on the 'Wreck Age' album. This was a superb album with better songs and much better sound. The band seemed to have succeeded in finding a new identity, and the guitar solo's were just furious and made me finally stop desiring for John Sykes. The 1987 album 'Burning in the Shade' was in the same style and again Steve nailed some epic guitar solo's. In the same year I witnessed the band at the Luxor in Arnhem and I was blown away by Steve again. His attempt in handing my girlfriend a backstage pass failed and after that I lost track of Steve for the next 31 years.


In 2018, when cleaning up my attic, I found the pictures I made of the Arnhem gig and sent them to Ged Rylands, whom I had met on facebook. Ged played keys and guitar in Tygers of Pan Tang on the 1987 tour, and he connected me to Steve.  

And Steve was so kind to play his typical solo on the 'Gotta shoot your devils' song, the song that has it's roots in the 80's, and also features the vocals of Keith St. John.

Here's a video of Tygers of Pan Tang from British TV, in the middle of the MTV era. Steve is the the guitarist on the left side of the stage

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