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Rise is recorded in the Toys in the Attic Studio in Den Bosch (NL), and in the Excess Studios Rotterdam (NL). The guest musician's vocals and guitar solo's are recorded in several home studios across the world in Los Angeles, New York, Milford, Stockholm, Paris, Rotterdam.


Rise is produced and mastered by Hans Pieters at The People's Noise Studio in Capelle aan den IJssel (NL) and Studio Plug Unit in Reeuwijk (NL)

Read more about Hans Pieters here

Thank you


Christopher Amott - for giving me the confidence and trust in myself to just do this album!

Keith St. John - you are an amazing singer, a true professional and a great guy. Your star is shining so bright on this album!

Joey Concepcion - your skills are amazing, your solo's brought the songs to another level. You have such a great future in music ahead of you! 

Stéphan Forté - you are an amazing guitarist and such a nice person! I am so proud you are part of my project!

George Lynch - you are my hero since I was a kid. Having you on my album is just totally surreal

Daniël Verberk - your performance on Paradise is just beyond imagination! 

Göran Edman - a legend, a professional and amazing voice!

Chris Clancy - thanks for bringing the brutal part into the album. I had no vocal direction for the songs and you gave an amazing twist and edge to them

Sam Walters - your vocals on Kill Kill Kill are so intense ! 

Thorsten Koehne - you are such a great player, and such an easy going, nice guy

Steve Lamb - you are a true hero from my youth, and it's so great to have you on board

Johannes Persson - you are among the best of the new generation of guitarists! Your talent is phenomenal and your solo is incredible

Francoise Vaal - without your help this album would never have taken off

Vincent Faaij & Paul Haullussy - my buddies! Your advice, tips, tricks, beers, laughs are just too crazy

John Gallagher - I admire your career, musicianship and dedication. We were pen pals when we were kids, and you have been a true inspiration for me ever since. 

Rob Willemse - your valuable feedback pushed me to make choices when they needed to be made


Hans Pieters - you are a true professional, and your patience with me is unbelievable. Without you I would never ever have completed this album

Claudie, Roos & Sam - you are just my everything! 

Jorald Mengjezi of Jor Art Design (album) and Gustavo Suazes (Big Devil Data cover)


Pieter de Jong, Marielle Groot Obbink, Bert Broekhuis, Bert van Bilsen, Isère L'Hoest, Frank Pané (Göran Edman), Timmy James (Chris Clancy)

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