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Joey Concepcion

Armageddon, Daughter Chaos, Sanctuary, Solo artist, The Absence


Instagram: joeyconcepcionguitar

Facebook: JoeyConcepcionGuitarist

Joey Concepcion Ron Coolen Rise

Joey Concepcion is an American guitarist hailing from Connecticut. From a young age, his ambition has lead him to steadily ascend in the music world, as professionals and aficionados alike take notice of his virtuosity.

In 2008, Michael Vescera (vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness, and Obsession) asked Joey to make a guest appearance on his solo album. Then only 17 years old, the guitar solos Joey provided on the album "Sign of Things To Come" proved to critics that he is force to be reckoned with in the rock guitar arena.

In 2013, guitarist Christopher Amott scouted Joey to join his band Armageddon, a resurrected pillar of Swedish melodic death metal. The live guitar chemistry between Amott and Concepcion was unheard of.

In 2016, Tampa-based metal band The Absence announced Joey as their new guitarist. He lent his guitar work to their 2017 release “A Gift For the Obsessed”, and began to appear with them for live shows.


In 2017, New England Hardcore legend Jamey Jasta (of Hatebreed) invited Joey to join his solo band for the Killthrax Tour featuring Anthrax and Killswitch Engage, followed by tours through Europe and the USA. In 2018, Joey recorded a solo on Jasta’s new single “13 Appears”.


Also in 2017, Joey self-released his debut solo album, entitled “Alignment”.


In 2018, Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister) invited Joey to record a solo for the song “I’m Ready” for the album “For the Love of Metal.”


In August 2018, Joey joins legendary melodic death outfit Arch Enemy for shows in Europe, as a temporary replacement for Jeff Loomis.

Joey Concepcion is one of the most talented guitarists in the modern age. He is a former student of Christopher Amott and has played in Armageddon together with Chris. 

In August 2018 I read Joey replaced Jeff Loomis in Arch Enemy for a few large festival gigs. So I searched for more info on Joey, since replacing Jeff is a hell of a job. I came across the 'Furious mind' video on YouTube from Joey's solo album 'Alignment', I was extremely impressed with his playing. If only I could get this guy on my album....

Just a few weeks later Joey placed a message a facebook that he was open to play guest solo's, so I jumped right at him!

Joey did an amazing solo for 'Stories', and just a few weeks later I asked him to do 'From your mouth' as well. 

Joey works in a very professional way so it's great fun to co-operate. As the album recordings progressed I decided to delete some of my own solo's that I had played, since they were just crushed by all the great guys that I got solo's from. So when I had to replace my own solo in 'Kill Kill Kill' I asked Joey again, since I thought it would be supercool to re-unite Chris and Joey on an album in the same song, as they had done years before on the Armageddon album 'Crossing the Rubicon'. 

I am sure Joey has a great future in rock music, and I consider myself very lucky to have him on my album.

So here's the Furious Mind video of Joey's album Alignment, extremely impressive stuff! Still, after many plays, the 20 seconds from 1:20 onwards give me the goose bumps! 

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