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Svante Forsbäck

Mastering: Heavy Metal Till I'm Dead

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Svante Forsbäck is a two time Grammy nominated mastering engineer from Finland. More than 4.000 albums were mastered out of his studio in the leafy suburb of Nöykkiö, Espoo, just outside Helsinki. Rammstein (their last album ‘Zeit’ and their whole back catalogue), Volbeat and Till Lindemann are among the most famous names. While much of Svante's output is heavy, he is also mastering engineer of choice for all kinds of popular household-name artists and national treasures. Just have a look here for all his references.


Svante started his mastering career in the early 90s in Tammisaari together with the legendary Otto Donner. His first job was to transfer Love Records analog tape masters to digital. Later he went to Sweden to study recording and mixing. While doing so, he worked for 10 years at the Swedish Theatre as a musical sound designer. Around the year 2000 he decided to focus on mastering only.


So how did I get in touch with Svante?  Contrary to Rise, I thought that it would be best to separate mixing and mastering responsibilities on the second album.  So when Hans Pieters delivered the final mix for ‘Heavy Metal Till I’m Dead’, I did quite some research by listening to albums that had a sound I loved. 

What I liked about Svante’s albums was the clear sound and dynamics. I approached him and a few others to make a test master. There are many approaches to mastering, which was obvious since the several test masters from different engineers each sounded differently. 

I preferred Svante’s master so decided to work with him. Not only for the ‘Heavy Metal Till I’m Dead’ single, but for the whole second album. So there is more to come!


Contact Svante Forbäck:

Svante Forsback
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